Friday, 16 January 2015

Orchard Earthworks

The Orchard station is currently the final site along the Thomson Line project to be executing earthworks due to its hilly terrain. Majority of the trees that are required to be felled have already done so, and hoardings around the site have gone up prominently along Orchard Boulevard and Paterson Road. The site office has been constructed at the junction of Orchard Boulevard and Grange Road, opposite Scape.

Herrenknecht will be supplying a Slurry TBM under T219 for the dual drives to Orchard Boulevard station. This is an alteration to the initial proposal of an EPB machine, probably due to the mixed ground conditions along the tunnel route. CSM Bessac, a subsidiary of main contractor Bachy Soletanche will facilitate in operating the tunnelling works.

The Overseas Family School will operate its Paterson campus until the end of Q2 this year before moving to its new campus at Pasir Ris
Earthworks at T219 Orchard Station
Future Orchard Boulevard Entrance
Future ION Entrance

Flattening of the site where the launch shaft to Orchard Boulevard will be located

Panorama of the Orchard district in the 3rd quarter of 2014; the T219 site lies in the right foreground - Bachy Soletanche
OFS which will be demolished for the cripple siding cut and cover tunnel

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