Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Springleaf & Tagore

Contract T208 is the only TSL contract to have 2 stations under its scope of works. Springleaf station will be operational when the line is completed. The second station of Tagore will only have its basic structure ready and remain closed. Plans to rejuvenate the existing Ang Mo Kio town will see a phased expansion into the existing forest beyond Lentor. Its aesthetics and fittings will only be done up when there is sufficient demand from the new private residential estate.

In the meantime, the Tagore box will function very similar to the current Hume station along the Downtown Line. 4 TBMs will launch out of Tagore towards Springleaf and Lentor. Upon completion of tunnelling works, the Tagore site will be prepared as a temporary staging area for trackworks. There will be 3 cross passages between Springleaf and Tagore, and another 3 between Tagore and Lentor. 2 CPs will be integrated into the Tagore station.

Numerous crawler cranes have been delivered to the site at Springleaf. As of now, the trees along Upper Thomson have not been felled as earthworks are concentrated on the west side where the site office sits. Site clearing can be distinctively seen at Tagore as well.

Update preview - Springleaf station
Update preview - Tagore station

Junction with Springleaf Road
Looking north
Earthworks on going
Parts of several new crawler cranes being fixed up
T208 Site office

Grouting works

Tagore station with respect to the industrial estate
The station is located  along the SLE
The tunnels from Tagore will bore down the forest and dock into Lentor station

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