Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lentor & 5XO

Heading back north of Mayflower, the site for the future 5XO already has trees cleared along the southbound side of the road. The lush greenery along the northbound side still remains, but not for long.

Felling works have completed at the Lentor site. An earlier preview where the trees once stood can be found in the February archive. The contractor is preparing to stage a road diversion at Lentor Drive, and preparations is about midway with road surfacing works taking place soon. The interfaced junction at Yio Chu Kang will have minor modifications to accommodate the diversion.

The site office has been completed with a brown livery, possibly to blend in with the surrounding residential homes.

Residential district of Lentor that the station would serve
Update Preview - Lentor Station
Update Preview - 5XO
Station overview - North facing
Preparing a road diversion to the west

South facing
Red and white construction barriers flood the site premises
Modifications and utility diversions beneath the existing road junction
Street photos
Future entrance C

Northern end of the station box beside Thomson Grove
Thomson Grove
Site office lies tucked away within the residential area
Silos lying on the surface
Completed site office for T209





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