Thursday, 12 June 2014

Piling at Caldecott

Caldecott station has seen significant changes to the site since the last review 6 months ago. Numerous crawler cranes and drilling rigs have been positioned around the site following the completion of earthworks and terracing. A road diversion has also taken place along the west bound lane of Toa Payoh Rise.

The 3rd level of the site office at Caldecott houses the project office of LTA's TSL Civil Team 2. This team will be in charge of heading contract T209 to T215 on the client's side.

Update Preview - North facing
Update Preview - South facing
Road diversion north of the site

CCL station in the foreground

Looking south to the Thomson Cripple Siding (TCS)


  1. so only after the ground breaking ceremony then they will start digging up the ground to build the station box?

    Once contracts are awarded, LTA expects the winners to start work immediately right?

  2. Usually there are tons of work to do before they can start digging up the ground, e.g slope treatment, road diversions, piling, and diaphragm wall construction.


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