Saturday, 21 June 2014

RTS Facility Building

Contract T207 has been awarded to Shimizu and will be a tunnel-only contract spanning from SBAB to Springleaf. The southern launch shaft at SBAB will be constructed by STEC and handed over to Shimizu upon structural completion. Upon leaving SBAB, majority of the tunnel alignment runs under the Seletar Expressway.

Bored tunnels from SBAB to RTS
The tunnels will go into a stacked configuration upon reaching Mandai Avenue, where a RTS facility building will be situated. The facility will also be built under T207 and located along Mandai Road leading into the Crematorium. The site office should also be located here.

An escape shaft will be located at exit 8a of the SLE, south of the airbase runway.

Bored tunnels from SPL to RTS
Similarly at Springleaf, a launch shaft north of the station will be built by Leighton-JH, the contractor for T208, before being handed over to Shimizu. The 2 tunnels will make 2 tight turns to align under the SLE from Upper Thomson Rd, and will similarly go into a stacked configuration upon reaching the RTS facility building. 

There will be a total of 6 cross passages between Springleaf and the RTS facility.

Site clearing for Escape shaft
RTS facility building
Excavators clearing the site for the escape shaft
Site clearing for the storage site
The facility building will be located to the right upon entering the crematorium
RTS facility building will see the docking of 4 TBMs entering from both sides of the SLE
Tunnels from SBAB will be bored down to the RTS building at Mandai Road

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