Tuesday, 23 October 2018

LTA Update (Q3 2018)

T201 - Train in main workshop
T201 - View of stabling yard and rail administrative building
T202 - RC superstructure of north cooling tower of Woodlands North Station
T202 - Backfilling works at north crossover tunnel
T203 - Ground level paid transfer link structural steel works at Woodlands Station
T203 - Roof structural steel works at Entrance G
T205 - Woodlands South platform
T205 - Woodlands South concourse level
T206 - Reinstatement works at Sembawang Airbase
T207 - RTS Facility Building
T208 - Springleaf Station
T209 - Lentor Station
T209 - Launch shaft roof slab rebar works
T210 - Granite installation at Mayflower concourse level
T210 - RC works for ground level ramp at Entrance E
T211 - North Launch shaft 1st stage concrete works at Bright Hill
T212 - Trackwork ongoing southwards through Upper Thomson Station
T212 - Upper Thomson Station Entrance B
T213 - Installation of Concourse - Platform escalators at Caldecott Station
T213 - Entrance A cooling tower superstructure works
T215 - Mount Pleasant Station overview
T215 - RC works at launch shaft
T216 - Conversion of main drive of TBM 5
T216 - Entrance C&D backfill
T217 - Napier Station overview
T217 - Vertical CP3 temporary deck dismantling
T218 - Orchard Boulevard Entrance A superstructure works
T218 - RC works at underpass to Entrance B
T219 - Orchard Station entrance B superstructure works and POB linkway
T219 - Entrance E base slab completed
T220 - PU grouting
T220 - Construction of roof slab at Great World Entrance B and installation of micropiles for underpass beneath River Valley Road
T221 - Removal of S1 & S2 walers and struts at Havelock Station
T221 - Backfilling of Entrance D
T222 - BSC achieved at Outram Park Station
T222 - RC tunnel works at launch shaft
T223 - Removal of S2 struts at Maxwell Station
T223 - Entrance B RC works to superstructure
T225 - Shenton Way Station
T225 - FSC works to upper platform level trackbed
T226 - Sprayed Concrete Lining works at mined Woodlands Bound tunnel
T226 - Construction of internal walls at Marina Bay Station
T227 - Preparations for reinstatement of Marina Boulevard and Marina Mall at Marina South station
T228 - Lifting hooks installed at Gardens by the Bay linkway
T228 - Installation of CD door at entrance A

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