Sunday, 16 April 2017

Outram Park Excavation (II)

The concourse slab has been cast and excavation works for the station are now at the platform level of the station. The final realignment of Outram Road was carried out last month for the excavation of the new interchange linkways, and would remain in position till the end of the project. TBM2 has almost completed the Changi bound tunnel towards Maxwell.

TBM 1 re-assembly works at launch shaft towards Havelock
TEL3 Tunnel Chart, April 2017
Heavy-lift crane assembled up for the TBM lowering
Replacement TBM shields and re-used backup gantries and cutterhead at the shaft surface

Road realignment of Outram Road for the linkway construction
New NEL-EWL paid link excavation and decked slip road
Excavation works at the NEL-TEL paid link

Launch shaft towards Maxwell. Remaining few rings to advance for TBM 2 (Changi bound, left)
Excavation works at station

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