Thursday, 20 April 2017

Marina South Cast (II)

Casting of the station has reached the concourse level, while portions of the C&C tunnel roof have been completed.

Overview of the T227 open cut excavation site with T228 & T302 in the background
TBM components remained in the storage shed (right) for 12 months now with no sign of assembly preparations
Launch shaft

Completed concourse slab
Casting of concourse slab

Connection between station and cut and cover tunnel. Marina Boulevard would very likely be reinstated back to the previous alignment, decked over the completed pipe piles this time, for the remaining excavation works and hacking of  pipe piles to be carried out at the joint
Sheet piles being extracted and construction of capping beam and subsequent decking works following the completion of the remaining pipe piles
Cut and cover tunnel excavation

Tunnel roof completed along the center portion
Casting works at Changi bound trackway, tunnel wall and roof

Casting of wall leading up to the basement roof slab
Lane reduction at the T227-T228 interface for the drainage diversion construction using sheet piles

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