Thursday, 13 April 2017

Great World Excavation (II)

The concourse slab for the station has been completed and excavation works are now progressing down to the platform level. Bored tunnel works are underway in both directions towards Orchard and Havelock stations.

Excavation works proceeding down to the platform level
Entrance B wall rebar works

TBM S-945 on initial drive (Woodlands bound towards Orchard)
2 gantry cranes are being assembled up along the station box to facilitate the top-down material hoisting for the station construction
An identical construction method was adopted at C919 Stevens Station for the Downtown Line 2 in 2012
The gantry cranes are an efficient alternative for facilitating hoisting in narrow site constraints in top-down basement construction
Upper concourse and concourse slab cast

Excavation works to platform level

Canal diversion project across the station
Tunnelling works underway towards Havelock at south launch shaft
Entrance C works

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