Friday, 17 April 2015

Outram Park Hoards Up

Hoardings have started to come up around the surface of the existing Outram Park EWL station and Outram Road. A section of the iconic red covered walkway linking Pearls Centre to the EWL station has also been closed and demolished. D-walling works continue at the station.

The temporary POB across Outram Road is structurally completed and is slated to be operational by the end of the month. The temporary bridge will be accompanied by an elevator on both ends to provide barrier free access from the existing MRT station to the HSA and SGH. The existing bridge will then be demolished.

Across the road, several silos and a piling rig have been positioned at the HSA where 6m high hoardings have been installed.

Hoardings around Outram Road as well as the HSA
Temporary POB awaiting to be commissioned
Elevator for the temporary bridge
Hoardings around the NEL Entrance E

Hoardings at HSA
Several bentonite silos, a crawler crane and piling rig across the road

D-walling at the station

A low-level cutter (foreground)

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