Friday, 3 April 2015

Orchard Boulevard - Preparations to Divert

D-walling works continue at the Orchard Boulevard station. A minor road diversion for Grange Road is being prepared and will be implemented in about 2 weeks time. The diversion is necessary for the construction of the Diaphragm wall beneath part of the existing road.

North of the station, a road diversion has taken place in front of the Hotel Jen (former Traders Hotel) by the unrelated PUB Stamford Diversion Canal Phase II project. This is another infrastructural project taking place concurrent with the construction of the Thomson Line, with the second interface at Great World.

Preparations to divert Grange Road (foreground)

Diversion works
The realigned road will follow the blue marker on the concrete pavement. Heritage trees at the junction will be preserved
Road diversion by the PUB contractor
Road diversion by the PUB contractor at Traders Hotel

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