Sunday, 5 April 2015

Orchard D-walls

Earth retaining structural works for the new Orchard Station have just commenced this week. 3 machines for the D-walling are currently on the site. 2 grabs are now excavating the D-wall for the launch shaft as well as part of the station. Behind them, a hydraulic cutter is on standby to take over and excavate the rocks that will be encountered in the panel closer to the formation level.

A single Herrenknecht slurry TBM (S-963) will be launched from the shaft and execute 2 drives towards Orchard Boulevard to complete both bored tunnels. Load tests are being carried out across the station footprint, while SI and site clearing works have started in front of ION Residences.

D-walling of the launch shaft (extreme left of the picture)
Surface view

Load test being transferred on the north end of the station
Surface view
D-walling of the launch shaft
D-walling close up
D-walling (Photo cr: Bachy Soletanche Singapore)
Piling works
Piling works close up
Site clearing at ION

Terraced section of the site

Dragon dance to commemorate the commencement of D-walling works (Photo cr: Bachy Soletanche Singapore)

The site will further be extended for the cut and cover tunnel once the 2 schools have vacated

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