Saturday, 3 May 2014

Woodlands & Woodlands South

Update preview - Woodlands Stn
Update preview - LS1 and LS2
Update preview - Woodlands South Stn

Woodlands Station (T203)

April 9 - Demolishing the walkway
April 12 - Piling begins on the site slab
April 22 - Casting of slab using a concrete pump
May 1 - Completed slab and delivery of mini excavators on site

Re routing of deep sewage south of Woodlands Stn
Special thanks to young yong

Launch Shaft 1&2 (T206)

Acoustic barriers have been erected behind Innova Pri Sch
DCM around LS2 has commenced
Woodlands Dr 17 has been diverted. The old road is being cleared and works on LS1 should begin thereafter.

Woodlands South Station (T205)

A different angle from the previous update. The station will sit directly beneath this junction.
Woodlands Ave 1
Trees have been recently cleared in front of the school. Road diversion would take place soon.
 We hope to do a thorough update through Woodlands North to Caldecott within the next few weeks once we are done updating the Downtown Line side.

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