Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Contract Awards - T218, T220, T222 & T225

Today the Land Transport Authority announced the award of 4 contracts to build stations and associated tunnels. With the award of these 4 contracts, there only remain 3 such contracts for all stations to be awarded to contractors.

The first award is for contract T218, involving the construction of Orchard Boulevard station only. This contract has gone to local company KTC that is currently working on the Tampines Central station on the Downtown Line.

The first render issued of Orchard Boulevard station. It lacks certain details made more prominent in subsequent renders.

A more detailed render of the lower concourse in Orchard Boulevard. The use of granite on the walls can be seen. Skylights will open from near the station entrance to allow daylight to drift down into the station.

Entrance B is located outside Camden Medical Centre and the Tourism Court. It will be linked via elevators and pedestrian overhead bridges to Tanglin Mall and the bus stop on the opposite side. A lengthy subway will be built to connect this entrance to the station by a jacking method.

The second contract awarded is T220 for the construction of Great World station along with two pairs of tunnels towards Havelock and Orchard stations on either end. This was awarded to the joint venture of Tiong Seng and Dongah Geological. Currently, Tiong Seng is involved in a joint venture with GS E&C constructing Cashew & Hillview stations on Downtown Line 2. Dongah has been involved in tunneling for contracts on the Downtown Line as well, such as Contract 915 for the construction of tunnels between Hillview and Beauty World.

An early render of Great World station.

Great World station as seen from the upper concourse level. The upper concourse functions as a subway level, allowing commuters to walk through the station and access different entrances without having to go down to the paid concourse level.

This is entrance E which will feature two elevators linking the pedestrian overhead bridge across from Great World City.

The contract for construction of the interchange with the East-West and North-East Lines, contract T222 for Outram Park station and two pairs of tunnels towards Maxwell and Havelock stations, was awarded to Daelim Industrial. Daelim currently is not involved in the construction of any MRT project in Singapore.

The platform level view of Outram Park interchange. Major works will be done at Outram Park to smooth out the flow of the transfers being made. A new subway will replace the existing transfer between the East-West Line and North-East Line. Part of the existing transfer will be modified to facilitate transfers from the Thomson Line to the North-East Line instead. Additionally, the concourse of the East-West Line will be merged with that of the Thomson Line.

The final contract awarded, T225, is for the construction of Shenton Way station. This was awarded to Shanghai Tunneling E&C (STEC). STEC also won contract T206 previously, for the construction of tunnels from Woodlands station to Woodlands Avenue 12 and Mandai Depot. Do stay tuned for our update on this particular contract coming up on Thursday. As for T225, it involves the construction of Shenton Way station as well as two pairs of bored tunnels towards Maxwell and Marina Bay stations on either end.

Shenton Way is yet another station that has both an upper and lower concourse. You can see the upper concourse which links to entrance A on the right hand side. Escalators in the background will link to entrance B and C. This station is a stacked side station, similar to Maxwell and Marina Bay, thus the lower platform level will be exceptionally deep.
Photo credits - LTA

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