Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Slowly starting in Woodlands North

The first station site on the line, located next to the Republic Polytechnic, is seeing a dramatic change as the greenery gives way to the earthy brown tones. Trees are being cleared to make way for the station site along with a new road system in the area. Once a forested area with a tree-covered hillside, the area is now being leveled after the trees have been felled.

A once forested hillside

An overview of the station area, looking northwards from the HDB blocks at Woodlands St 81.

Looking eastwards from the RP multi-storey carpark at the site office

A view showing the carpark in front of the station site

Tree clearing underway at the station site

Once the trees are cleared, the ground is leveled to make navigating and constructing easier

Mountains of earth being moved by the excavators

Clearing in front of the site office

Looking eastwards showing the area that has been cleared, leaving a path for vehicles going in and out of the site.

Click here for a flashback to three months ago, where this area was still an untouched green lung.

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