Saturday, 1 February 2014

Woodlands pre-construction

Some photos of Woodlands station area before construction of Thomson Line commences this year.

An overview of the north side of Woodlands North-South Line station. A temporary bus interchange will
be constructed next to the station as the existing one undergoes refurbishment. The site office is likely for either
contract T203 (TSL Woodlands station) or T2211 (Woodlands temporary bus interchange).

An overview of the south side of Woodlands North-South Line station. The field will be where the Thomson Line
station will sit.
Work on the new sub-station for the North-South Line is underway and due to be completed before other work
can commence to construct the paid linkway between the two stations.
A view of the site of the future paid transfer linkway to the Thomson Line from the platform level of the existing station.

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