Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mayflower to Lentor - Before the Trees Go

In this update we have a final glance at the dense vegetation that currently lines up AMK Avenue 4 where 2 main cut and cover structures would be built. Trees identified to be chopped for the construction are tied with red and white tape. This is also currently visible along Upper Thomson, in which we would do an update much later on. 

For the section between Mayflower and Lentor, agencies such as PUB and SP are still necessitating the various utility diversions works. These works are commanded with the use of mini excavators which can be seen lying near footpaths along the road. The trees should go within the next quarter.

Trees along Avenue 4 to clear for the future Mayflower Station

Scroll down for brief information on the related 2 contracts. More details will be updated when construction begins.

Contract T210

T210 has been awarded to Gammon of HK last October for the Design and Build (D&B) of Mayflower station. They have taken over the site premises and are conducting soil investigation works of their own around the station box. Mayflower station spans the entire area beneath AMK ave 4, between St 11 and 13.

Mayflower Station

Contract boundary between T210 and T211 at the junction of Ave 4 and St 11 (looking north)

Looking south from Blk 113
Looking south from Blk 115
Soil Investigation

View from above
View from Blk 115

Contract T209

T209 has been awarded to China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group last October for the Design and Build (D&B) of Lentor station, as well as twin bored tunnels south to Mayflower station. The second cut and cover structure to be built under Ave 4 is the 5XO, presumably TS05 crossover. This will be the first crossover tunnel to be built independently between 2 stations linked by bored tunnels. The site office for T209 is currently being built at the corner of Lentor Loop.

Site of 5XO
View from above

Lentor Station

Site office being constructed
Red/White tapes like these tied around trees identified to be eventually chopped down
View of Lentor Drive looking north. Launch Shaft to be located here.
Opposite end of Lentor station box (looking south)
View from above (looking north)
View from above (looking south)

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