Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Napier pre-construction

Napier station sits by the scenic Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate and is bounded by Holland Rd, Cluny Rd and Napier Rd. On one side is the Gleneagles Hospital and on the other lies the Botanical Gardens. Towards the south is the former Tanglin Golf Course which has since been reclaimed for construction work. Hoarding has already gone up at this location and site clearing has begun.

View towards the north, looking up Cluny Rd which is yet undisturbed

The junction of the three roadways which sit above the future station

A future exit will come up where the bus stop currently is

This bus stop too will make way for a future exit

A view of the Botanic Gardens Tanglin Gate before construction begins in earnest
Hoarding similar to the one at Caldecott up at the southern end of contract T217. The launch shaft for tunnels
towards Orchard Boulevard station will sit behind here in future.

View of the tree-lined pathway before road diversions come into play.

Site clearing to make way for construction - this used to be the former Tanglin Golf Course

The future entrance to the work site

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