Sunday, 8 October 2017

Shenton Way Excavation (III)

Bored tunnelling works between Marina Bay and Shenton Way stations have completed with the second and final drive of TBM 2 docking at the upper platform of the station. FSC works have commenced for the lower tunnel. The porous geological conditions around the former shoreline beneath Shenton Way has created an ongoing challenge for TBM 1 since its launch in April, which has progressed little since its main drive conversion.

Bulk of the station's structure has reached the under-lower platform level, with a final zone of excavation works due for completion within a month. Excavation and shoring works have commenced at entrance C.

Completion of 144-bored pile linkway between the station, entrance C and Asia Square
Strutting of S1 against the sheet pile at entrance C

Backfilled temporary monsoon canal
Station site

Acoustic shed completed over LS3
Works at MC street

TBM 1 Main drive towards Maxwell

Excavation works beneath the upper platform level

Formwork at the lower platform level
Breakthrough of TBM 2 Changi Bound tunnel from Marina Bay at SHW Upper Platform on 26 Sep (Photo: T225 Charlie)
Retrieving the TBM
TEL3 Tunnel Chart (Sep 2017)
LS4 at Marina Bay
Concrete pump for the FSC works at the lower tunnel
View of the completed Changi bound tunnel from LS4 at Marina Bay
Installation of concrete feed pipe for First Stage Concreting works along the Woodlands Bound tunnel
FSC works underway (Photo: T225 Charlie)

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