Saturday, 28 November 2015

Woodlands North - TBM Launch

The TBM launching ceremony at the Woodlands North site was held today. The ceremony was celebrated on Saturday by Penta Ocean and the LTA ahead of the commencement of excavation works by the Changi Bound TBM on Monday. The TBMs here will launch with the full ancillary equipment pre-installed, most notably including the backup gantries. 

Extremely seldom do the space and site conditions permits for such convenience, and would usually require the adjacent cut-and-cover structure to be excavated to the equivalent formation level. However the uniqueness of the terrain at the Woodlands North site grants the complete assembly of the machine prior to launching.

Piling works continue at the station. Construction of a new sewer mains is also taking place at the north end of the site along Admiralty Road West, and will run alongside the length of the station box. Ground improvement works continue along the tunnel route at the diverted Woodlands Dr 91, outside Republic Polytechnic.

Launch of the first 2 Kawasaki Slurry TBMs
T202 TBM launching ceremony (Nov 28) 

Tunnel lining segments aligned next to the backup gantries of TBM1 (Nov 27)

Cutterhead of TBM2

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, December 2015

Credits to Mike, Tee Hwee & Vettri (EF Consult/ Penta Ocean)

Ground improvement works along the divided Woodlands Dr 91

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