Monday, 31 August 2015

Woodlands North - TBM Assembly

The first Kawasaki slurry TBM has been assembled at Woodlands North for the T202 project. Supporting the impending tunnelling works are the installation of the backup gantries and gantry cranes at the launch shaft. The 2nd TBM has also been delivered to the site. Tunnelling should commence by the end of the year.

Excavation of the crossover tunnel adjacent to the launch shaft is about complete, and its site is temporarily housing the backup gantries for both TBMs. The formation level of the tunnel here matches the existing ground level of the site due to the earthworks slope treatment and the natural shallow design of this project. Rockheads are visible on either sides of the structure.

Piling works are ongoing at the station box and north crossover tunnel.

T202 Woodlands North, August 31
Assembly of TBM1

Lowering of TBM1 on August 18 (Cr: Meniro)

Cr: Meniro

TBM2 and assembled gantry cranes and STP

Cut and cover tunnel adjacent to launch shaft
Assembling of backup gantries for both TBMs

Rock on both sides of the self-retaining structure

Station box

North crossover tunnel

Alignment of the tunnel drive ahead beneath St 81

The T203 project can be seen in the right background

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