Friday, 7 August 2015

August Tunnel Progress

Project T208
The second NFM TBM for the project was lowered down into the launch shaft on July 24, with assembly works almost completed. The delay in commencement of tunnelling works from the first machine were due to irregularities within the electrical system of the TBM which do not meet the local authority requirements.

The electrical system has been reworked around the end of July and mining works for TBM 1 should commence by this month.

Project T206
The second Herrenknecht mixshield S-894 was lowered down the LS2 on August 4. It's sister machine S-893 is similarly expected to commence tunnelling works by this month.

4 TBMs for the Thomson Line have been lowered down into their respective launch shafts thus far.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, 7 August 2015
July 24 Tagore

July 31 - backup gantries for TBM 2

August 4 - S-894

Photo Cr: Suresh Dhanabalan, Ramu
Information Cr: Alix

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