Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tagore - TBM Assembles

The first NFM TBM for the T208 project has begun assembly works within the launch shaft. The TBM will be executing an initial drive on the Woodlands bound tunnel towards the retrieval shaft at Lentor. As of Monday, the main shields and backup gantries have been lowered while the cutterhead remains on the surface of the shaft. The gantry crane has been assembled as well. Tunnelling works should commence in a month's time.

Piling across the Tagore C&C have completed and the first layer of strut have been installed across the entire span of the structure.

TSL1/2 Tunnel Chart, June 2015
Tagore C&C

May 27 - Installation of the tunnel eye

June 7 - Assembly of the tail shield
Backup gantries lowered

TBM being assembled within the launch shaft
June 21 - TBM in launching position

Photo credits:
Ramu, Peerapong Peetor Chotklang

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