Monday, 1 June 2015

Piling at Woodlands North (II)

Commencing the Q2 updates at the Woodlands North site, numerous piling rigs are executing the bored pile works for the station's earth retaining stabilizing structure. Towards the south, excavation of the launch shaft has reached down to the S3 layer.

The first Kawasaki TBM for the T202 project has been delivered to the site. Supporting the slurry TBM for the upcoming tunnelling work is the assembled slurry treatment plant provided by Pigott Shaft Drilling. Deep Cement Mixing and grouting is being carried out along the proposed tunnel alignment at Woodlands St 91.

TBM 1 and Slurry Treatment Plant delivered next to the launch shaft

5 components of the TBM - Cutterhead, Bearing, Front shield, Mid shield and Tail shield
Excavation of the launch shaft where rock is encountered.


Twin bored tunnels to go down St 91

Earthworks at the crossover tunnel
Piling works have commenced closer to the station box (background)
Site overview

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