Saturday, 29 March 2014

Woodlands South - It's Beginning

Continuing on from the previous update, we have a closer look at the WDS site today. The silos which were seen last month have now been hoisted up while site clearing is still in progress. The actual station box will sit beneath the existing Avenue 1/Dr 16 junction, to the bottom right of the picture.

Silos in yellow erected at WDS
In the background lies the Mandai Depot. A crawler crane, several SI rigs and a pile rig can be seen. As this is an at grade depot the updates here will mostly be on earthworks till the structure begins to form. You may open the link in a new tab after right clicking the picture for a bigger resolution.

Mandai Depot

Looking west to Drive 17, STEC has already prepared the road diversion for LS1. Directional signs, lamp posts and a bus stop are already in place. The road has been surfaced and is awaiting diversion, presumably within the next week. Earth Retaining Structural works shall commence once that's done. The grass patch near LS2 has been cleared as well.

T206, Woodlands Dr 17 in the background

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