Wednesday, 20 May 2020

LTA Update (Q1 2020)

T208 - Springleaf Entrance C
T209 - Lentor entrance A
T209 - 5XO site
T210 - Full reinstatement of AMK Avenue 4 at Mayflower station
T210 - Mayflower Station
T211 - Bright Hill entrance A
T211 - Bright Hill entrance D
T212 - Finishing works at Upper Thomson entrance
T212 - Reinstatement works at ULS
T213 - Caldecott site
T213 - Tactile installation at concourse level
T215 - Ceiling works at Mount Pleasant
T215 - Cladding works at entrances
T216 - Surface structural works at Stevens station vent shaft
T216 - Stevens concourse level
T217 - Structural steel roof works at Napier entrance 
T217 - Archi works at Napier concourse level
T218 - Ceiling works at Orchard Boulevard concourse level
T218 - Orchard Boulevard entrance B
T219 - Faregates installation at Orchard station
T219 - Linkway installation at entrance
T220 - Feature wall at Great World upper concourse level
T220 - Structural works still in progress for the river valley underpass
T221 - Granite floor works at Havelock station
T221 - External wall granite installation at entrance C
T222 - Archi works at Outram Park
T222 - Entrance at HSA
T223 - Reinstatement of Spring street carpark at Maxwell
T223 - Maxwell Station concourse
T225 - Archi works at Shenton Way concourse level
T225 - Floor granite installation at entrance
T226 - Marina Bay entrance C
T226 - Ceiling panel installation at platform
T227 - PSD installation works at Marina South platform level
T227 - Unpaid concourse area at Marina South
T228 - Archi finishes at Gardens by the Bay entrance A
T228 - Surface pavement works for the new ground access to the station site

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