Thursday, 7 June 2018

Shenton Way - Tunnelling Completes

Bored tunnel works for the T225 project completed in the early hours of today with the docking of TBM 2 at Maxwell station. Tunnelling works were unique in this project due to the stacked configuration of the 2 launch shafts, one of which is within the permanent structure of the station. Geological constraints were also experienced beneath McCallum St resulting in prolonged delays and the eventual re-sequencing of the TBM drives.

T225 is the 3rd last team to complete tunnelling works for the line, ahead of T222 later this month and subsequently T216 in Q4.

Upper/Changi Bound tunnel towards Maxwell completed by TBM 2
Final phase of excavation works ongoing end May
Partial ring beam construction at the upper bound tunnel sump
Upper platform trackway
Upper platform
Structure for the concourse-upper platform escalators

Construction of upper under platform structure
Escalator structure from concourse to lower platform
RC works for the lower under platform structure

Tunnel sump excavation at lower tunnel

UPN linkway
Entrance B
Entrance B towards station/entrance C, Marina One and Asia Square
Structure towards entrance C/Marina One
Structure towards station

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