Monday, 7 May 2018

LTA Update (Q1 2018)

T201 - Structural Steel roof works at Mandai Bus Depot
T202 - Painting of roof soffit at Concourse Level
T203 - A&A works at NSL Woodlands Platform
T205 - Under-platform SWC works
T206 - Architectural works at CP/ES
T208 - SWC works at Springleaf Concourse public area
T208 - Entrance B escalator pit base slab completed
T210 - Reinstatement of AMK Avenue 4 at Mayflower
T210 - Completed railing installation at track access area
T211 - Casting of tunnel base slab at launch shaft
T212 - Block wall construction at concourse
T212 - Upper Thomson platform slab
T213 - Lower mezzanine level
T217 - Casting of Napier base slab
T218 - UT at subcon Starburst for entrance B underpass frame mining
T219 - Removal of D-wall block wall at TBM interface at Orchard Boulevard
T219 - Casting of base slab at platform link
T220 - SWC bracket installation completed at GRW-ORC Woodlands bound
T220 - Casting of internal wall at upper concourse level
T221 - Roof slab rebar works at Havelock entrance A
T223 - Roof slab waterproofing works at Maxwell Zone 2
T223 - Base slab completed at Zone G
T223 - Internal wall construction at Maxwell Station
T226 - Construction of internal wall at Marina Bay Upper Platform
T226 - Construction of skin wall
T226 - Commencement of ground freezing works
T227 - TBM cutterhead dismantling at Marina Bay
T228 - Dismantling and hoisting of TBM, removal of road decking for construction of entrance B 
T228 -- Base slab rebar works at Entrance A
T228 - Internal RC wall construction at station

All internal photographs in this post are taken by the respective LTA project teams.

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