Monday, 27 February 2017

Woodlands North Cast (III)

Casting work continues at the Woodlands North site. The platform level of the station is completed and formwork is being propped for the casting of the concourse level. Structure of the north crossover tunnel is forming up.

South crossover tunnel structure nearing completion
RC works for tunnel wall and roof adjoining launch shaft

Launch shaft
Waterproofing works for one of the final sections of the tunnel roof/ backfilling works to roof RL being carried out adjacent to the tunnel
Station platform south plant room construction

RC works progressing to concourse level
Casting work at station advancing to the concourse level
RC works at station platform north plant rooms
Formwork installation for concourse level above trackway
RC works for the center platform - concourse staircase 
Overview of station box 
Formwork for casting of north crossover tunnel walls and roof 
Overrun tunnel site preparations

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