Thursday, 7 April 2016

Stevens - TBM Launch

The final 4 NFM slurry TBMs have been lowered for the T216 project. TBM 1 will commence excavation on the Changi bound tunnel from Mount Pleasant to Stevens by the end of the month, while TBM 2 drive the Woodlands bound tunnel from the Dalvey shaft to Napier from next month. Sewer diversion and JGP works are concurrently taking place with the continuation of the diaphragm wall works at the Stevens station.

Assembly of TBM 1 and TBM 3 at LS10 (Mount Pleasant)

Connection to backup gantries at the shaft surface in preparation for TBM 1's initial drive commencement
Removal of lifting lugs on the skin of TBM 3 after lowering and fit up

Backup gantries for both TBMs on the shaft surface

TEL3 Tunnel Chart, April 2016
Dalvey Launch Shaft

TBM 2 which will drive the lower Woodlands Bound tunnel towards Napier

D-walling and sewer diversions at Stevens station

Sewer diversion works

D-walling at entrance C&D

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