Sunday, 13 March 2016

First Tunnel Completes

The first TBM that was launched from Tagore in August last year has completed excavation works at the Lentor station. The NFM-made slurry machine has performed a remarkably fast drive for the 1.1km northbound tunnel, with the final 85% (~1km) stretch of the tunnel completed within just 3 months. The TBM's backup gantries will begin to be dismantled and brought back to the Tagore site through the completed tunnel, before being refitted into the new TBM shield for the second drive.

The body of the existing TBM will be left underground and be integral to part of the permanent lining of the tunnel structure after it is lapped over with reinforced concrete segments, while dismantling of the cutterhead will be done once excavation on the Lentor side has reached the formation level.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, March 2016

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