Saturday, 13 February 2016

Upper Thomson - TBM Assembly

Assembly of the first JTSC TBM at the Upper Thomson Launch Shaft (ULS) commenced yesterday. The front shield of the slurry TBM was lowered down yesterday afternoon, and the cutterhead was lowered down at noon earlier today. Inaugural drive along the 0.6km northbound tunnel will be performed towards the Upper Thomson station before relaunching back at the ULS for the southbound drive.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, February 2016
Lowering of the JTSC TBM's front shield (Feb 12)

Lowering of the cutterhead (Feb 13)

Installation of the man-lock (Feb 15)

Lowering of middle shield (Feb 16)
Sato Kogyo team

Lowering of the final tail shield (Feb 18)

Photo Credits: Panupong Chamma (T212)

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