Sunday, 5 July 2015

S-893 Assembles

The first Herrenknecht slurry mix-shield TBM for the T206 project has commenced assembly works within the LS2, with the cutterhead lowered down earlier today. The TBM will commence an initial drive on the Changi Bound tunnel between the LS2 and the crossover tunnel at Woodlands Station. Upon docking, the internal TBM components will be retrieved and relaunched for a second drive on the RT3 tunnel between LS1 and Woodlands.

This is the second TBM to be assembled for the Thomson Line, and is expected to be commissioned by August.

TEL 1/2 Tunnel Chart, 5 July 2015
Photo cr: Hiap Tong

Assembling of Herrenknecht S-893
Photo cr: Suresh Dhanabalan

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