Monday 13 January 2014

Caldecott - It's Beginning

For our first construction update, we're pleased to say that the line's first site office is already up and operational at Caldecott. Structural works for the site office at Woodlands South have already commenced and should be next in line to be completed. We are anticipating the groundbreaking ceremony to be held here at Caldecott. More information will come in due course.

Some information about T213 
This contract oversees the construction & completion of Caldecott station and the adjacent cripple siding named Thomson Cripple Siding (TCS) to the south. The main span of this 3-trackway cripple siding would be constructed entirely by mining, a first of its kind method ever undertaken here. Two open-cut points will be constructed on either sides of Toa Payoh West, thereby segregating the site area into two. The 134m section between both points will be built with 3 arcs of pipe-roof. The southern point will also facilitate two breakthroughs bored by a single TBM that will launch from Mount Pleasant, under its neighbouring contractor T215.

Works of T213 include the Addition and Alteration (A&A) to the existing Caldecott Circle Line station. Both stations will be linked by a paid subway link. The existing exit A will eventually be downgraded to an emergency exit, while the fare line in the existing station gets reconfigured, including the shifting of faregates, new station control room and removal of existing plant rooms in the CCL station.

TSL Caldecott will have 4 levels (Concourse, Mezzanine 1&2, Platform (TOR 81.60m)) and 2 new entrances constructed on either sides of Toa Payoh Rise.

Aerial Overview of the main site
Cross section of mined tunnels within TCS

Site of mined section of TCS, SJII in the background (looking south)
CCL station in the left background (looking north)
Earthworks along the main site

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