Friday, 10 January 2014

Interchange configurations

I suppose many will be wondering how transfers along this line will be made. The good news is that all interchanges announced on this line are integrated interchanges unlike several along the Downtown Line (DTL) in which you need to exit the fare paid area of the station. Linkways will be used to connect the new Thomson Line (TSL) stations to the existing stations along the North-South Line (NSL), East-West Line (EWL), North-East Line (NEL), Circle Line (CCL) and DTL.

At Woodlands station, transfer to the NSL is provided by a bank of escalators. Passengers take the escalator up to street level and make a turn to the final set of escalators leading between the NSL tracks to the platform.

The next interchange is Caldecott interchange with the CCL. Here, passengers take escalators up to the concourse level where they can walk over to the CCL concourse.

After that is Stevens interchange. The DTL platforms are on two separate levels, one each above and below the TSL platforms, providing for a one-escalator ride to make any transfers.

Orchard interchange

A paid link will connect the TSL to the existing NSL station below the current NSL platform level. The lift will be extended to serve this link and several escalators added to the NSL station.

Outram Park interchange

Marina Bay interchange

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