Monday, 2 December 2013

Platform configurations

The Downtown Line (DTL) which is currently under construction introduces a more varied platform configuration than is currently seen on the first four lines in operation (North-South, East-West, North East and Circle Lines) which typically feature island platforms (exception Dover, Braddell, Bishan). Island platforms are platforms that are located centrally between two parallel tracks. The Thomson Line (TSL) will mostly feature island platforms as well, with the exception at 4 stations.

These stations are Napier, Maxwell, Shenton Way and Marina Bay which will be stacked stations where the running tunnels are directly on top of each other instead of side-by-side as in island platform stations. As such, the platforms will be located on one side of the train as well. Here's an image of the tunnel set up at Marina Bay station.

B1 - Circle Line extension
B2 - North South Line tunnels
B3 - Transfer linkway and subway to new TSL entrance
B4 - Thomson Line southbound tunnel
B5 - Thomson Line northbound tunnel
Photo credit - NUS

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