Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Marina Bay D-walls

Intensive ground improvement works are taking place around the Marina Bay site, concurrent with the D-walling. Kori will supply and facilitate in the shoring works for this project. Photos in this update were taken on January 25.

T226 Marina Bay

Monday, 26 January 2015

Shenton Way D-walls

D-walling works commences at the Shenton Way Station. Several ancillary works are also underway to facilitate the construction of the station and bored tunnels. Pictures in this update were taken on January 25.

Drain Diversion
An existing drain runs north-south beneath Asia Square 2, cutting across the proposed station box. East of Asia Square, sheet piling works are on going along the future Central Linear Park for the new temporary box culvert drain. The curvature in the canal design takes into consideration the existing showroom of the Marina One, as well as to avoid the future 2 station entrances along the park that will be constructed under the very same project. The drain will be reinstated at the end of the project.

Demolishment of Golden Bridge
A new signalized junction of Shenton Way & McCallum Street had been operational since December 12 to replace the Golden Bridge which is in the process of demolishment. The demolishment works have already commenced earlier this month, with completion slated by February 22. During this interim, several full-day lane closures along Shenton Way and McCallum Street will be implemented.

T225 Shenton Way
Temporary 8m box culvert monsoon drain diversion

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Maxwell D-walls

D-walling works continue at the extremely congested Maxwell site. The Spring Street carpark is undergoing reconfiguration works and is scheduled to reopen by next month. Photos in this update were taken on January 19.

T223 Maxwell Station
D-walling works
Reconfiguration of Spring Street Carpark

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Outram Park D-walls

Activities at the T222 Outram Park site has hyped up with the commencement of the D-walling works for the station. A hydrofraise, along with several crawler cranes and rebar cages scatters the site floor. The silt treatment plant is built next to Pearl's Centre.

Along Outram Road, 2 nights of beam launching works were facilitated over the past 2 weekends for the temporary POB that will replace the existing bridge that is to be demolished. The beam segment across the CTE and Cantonment bound carriageway were launched up on January 11 & 18 respectively. This is the third temporary POB to be built for the Thomson Line.

Construction signage, along with interlocking road barriers have been prominently placed around Eu Tong Sen Street and Outram Road, where utility diversions and the felling of small trees are currently taking place. The mentioned works seen around the corner of the two road's intersection are preparatory to facilitating future traffic diversions - for the construction of the new interchange linkages. Photos in this update were taken on January 19.

T222 Outram Park
Hydrofraise for the D-walling works
Temporary POB across Outram Road

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Piling at Havelock

Piling works have commenced at Havelock. Minor diversions have taken place to accommodate the temporarily-downsized Zion Road that has been reduced from 4 to 3 lanes. Slope treatment is still on going along the center of the station where sheet piles will be installed. Photos were taken on January 19.


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Great World D-walls

D-walling continues at the Great World site. A yard of pre-fabricated rebars can be seen to the south face of Yong An Park. The area around the south launch shaft remains the priority of the ERSS works.

Herrenknecht will supply an EPB and Slurry TBM under T220. The decision to procure an EPB TBM for the north drives to the Orchard Cripple Siding has been affirmed despite challenging mixed face conditions expected along the tunnel route. Photos in this update were taken on December 30.

Pre-fabricated rebar yard
Segregation of the PUB and LTA projects. The iconic Great World City is seen in the left background.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Orchard Earthworks

The Orchard station is currently the final site along the Thomson Line project to be executing earthworks due to its hilly terrain. Majority of the trees that are required to be felled have already done so, and hoardings around the site have gone up prominently along Orchard Boulevard and Paterson Road. The site office has been constructed at the junction of Orchard Boulevard and Grange Road, opposite Scape.

Herrenknecht will be supplying a Slurry TBM under T219 for the dual drives to Orchard Boulevard station. This is an alteration to the initial proposal of an EPB machine, probably due to the mixed ground conditions along the tunnel route. CSM Bessac, a subsidiary of main contractor Bachy Soletanche will facilitate in operating the tunnelling works.

Photos in this update were taken on December 30.

The Overseas Family School will operate its Paterson campus until the end of Q2 this year before moving to its new campus at Pasir Ris
Earthworks at T219 Orchard Station